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"happy is what happens when all your dreams come true"

dying a slow death

22 February
what is better than a survey for you to get to know me? nothing so here u go

What color is most reflective of you- Yellow it is a clam and happy color

How did you get the idea for your diary name? I go to uhs and at the time i was in color guard and i am a girl so uhsguardgirl was born
What time were you born- 7:00 amish

What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?I am not that girl
Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? No it made me sad but never cried
What color underwear are you wearing?- blue

Do you want a baby?- Yes like 10-25

What does your mom do for a living- spit sucker (denist)

What does your dad do for a living- he is in jail (a cop)

What is your pet's name- Ginger, Alley, sweet checks
What color are your bedsheets?- white with pink roses

What are the last 3 digits of your phone number?- 589

What song are you playing now?- i am not that girl

What was the last concert you attended? mark farner
Who was with you?- My family

What was the last movie you saw?- Saw

Who do you dislike most at this moment?- i am hot and sleepy
What food are you craving right now- subway

Did you dream last night- yes It was a funny dream
What was the last tv show you watched- the biggest loser

What is your fave piece of jewelry- my class ring

What is to the left of you- my cell phone and a cup

What was the last thing you ate - chicken nuggets
Who is your best friend of the opposite sex- i dont know

Write a song lyric that's in your head- you who i craddle in my arms
What song is that from- i'd give my life for you miss siagon
Who last imed you- Leo

Where is your signifigant other right now?- I dont know somewhere out there God has him out there waiting for me i just need to find him and i hope i do it soon i am very lonely

Do you have a crush?- Crushes are so dumb but yeah i do

What is his name?- none ya

What shampoo do you use- Vo5

When was the last time you cut your hair- 2 months ago
Are you on any meds- no

Do you have a mental disease - no well does dyslexica count?

What shirt are you wearing- i dont wear shirts or clothes for that matter lol j/k a pink shirt with buttons
What time is it- 3:03

What color is your razor- pink

What is your fave frozen treat?- ice cream

Are you sexy?- hahahah that is a funny one no i am ugly

Whats your favorite shopping store?- i love them all

Are you thirsty- no

Can you imagine yourself ever getting married-I hope so i would be a very lonely person. I want a wonderful husband and a great family and a cute little house.

So i hope this survey helpt you to get to know me a little more.